Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Shadows

" Me and you and a dog named Dutch..." Early morning walk by the riverside.


Bibi said...

This caught my eye immediately on the portal.

Great shot, Raf.

Jacob said...

Our Golden, Haley, would love an early morning walk by the riverside! Great shot, what with the shadows and only the dog visible!

Thanks for stopping by Ocala DP! I was born in Omaha many years ago, but my parents didn't live there, they lived in a little town called Mead - ever heard of it?

Best wishes!

Jacob said...

Oops! I just realized you didn't stop at Ocala DP, but The Villages DP. Sorry about that!

Dragonstar said...


Jilly said...

Caught my eye too! Gorgeous dog in the sun with those three perfect shadows. Bravo.