Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Fifteen below, Fahrenheit this morn when I snapped this image. Cold enough.


Julie said...

That is such a good arrangement, Raf. I am so glad that you did not try to be symmetrical. This effect, having them unpredictable re the black outlines, is so attractive. And the colour and shape combinations all against the ice on the glass.

Quite quite gorgeous.

Gunn White said...

Just SUPERB! :-)

Julie said...

This image sooo deserves to have been seen by more people, Raf.


Light and Voices said...

I agree. Too bad more folks aren't seeing this different image.
You certainly have a photographer's "eye."
Joyce, IL, USA

Anonymous said...

Ah, I snapped a pic of those bottles once, but this is stunning.