Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H is for Heartland of America Park

This picture of Greek folk dancing was taken in Heartland of America Park several years ago. The many festivities held in this beautiful park located between the Missouri River and the historic Old Market, as well as 31 acres of green space, make it a popular gathering place downtown.
As described in Wikipedia, there are three
fountains, including a large, modern, $1.5 million dollar computerized fountain that projects water 300 feet (91 m) into the air and features a nighttime light show. The lake has a tour boat named the General Marion, with rides available in the summertime, and resident swans named Romeo and Juliet in honor of the play. There is also a monument to the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition, and the late 1800s Waterworks Fountain, once located at the Webster Station, a railroad depot in North Omaha. The park is the site of the annual Taste of Omaha event.
The headquarters of
ConAgra Foods are on the south end of the lake, and recently, after initially cutting off access to the south end of the park, ConAgra opened the walking path all the way around the lake. Map and photos here.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Should have guessed Greek. There are at least two Greek festivals in my area, one in Albany, and the other in Troy, NY, and the Albany event, at least, always involves the traditional dance in costume.

On behalf of ABC Wednesday, thank you! - Ramblin' with Roger

Hilda said...

Sounds like a wonderful park! I hope you'll be visiting it often. :)

Pretty costumes. The aprons look so intricate!

LisaF said...

I used to live in Omaha. Great city...just move it about 500 miles SOUTH!

Christine H. said...

This picture is framed so beautifully, with the angle of the clasped hands at the top and the feet...and the contrast in color. Absolutely wonderful.