Friday, April 30, 2010

Ciao, Roma

Today is Theme Day for the CDP blogging community with statues as the theme for May.

Just returned to the states from our travels in Italy, but we're still on the road visiting family in the South before returning home to Nebraska. Certainly, there is no shortage of statues in Rome and we have many favorites, but this bronze sculpture from late Hellenistic Greece, and found in Rome in 1885, impressed me with its life-like quality. Felt like I could almost hear the life-sized figure crying out while I stood there hearing Simon and Garfunkel's tune running through my mind..."I am leaving, I am leaving...

"The Boxer" is one of the many classic antiquities found in the Palazzo Massimo Museum in Rome.

There are many takes on the statue theme today from City Daily Photo bloggers around the world: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


Tash said...

Excellent choice. What a wonderful time you must of had. Glad you shared the pics.

Jilly said...

I looked at this in the portal and thought 'fabulous' and then 'what great work in Omaha; and now i find, unsurprisingly, it's in Rome! Love him. What a fine sculpture this is. So beautiful.

Hilda said...

Boxing in ancient times must have been more horrific than what it's like now.

Can you tell I don't like boxing?

Fabulous statue though. And continue to be safe in your travels, Raf.

lv2scpbk said...

A well defined statue.

My blog is here Barb's Blog Hope you can take a look. Happy theme day!

Kate said...

Wish that you would post more pictures from Italy!