Friday, March 25, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

A Wagon Master leads a train of pioneers in the downtown Pioneer Courage Sculpture Park.
Artist Blair Buswell installed his magnificently crafted Wagon Master sculpture on December 5th, 2006.
This important component of the Pioneer Courage Park sculptures is located on 14th street just North of Capitol Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska.
"The Wagon Master is a very exciting installation because it helps build the story found at Pioneer Courage Sculpture Park," said Bruce Lauritzen, Chairman of First National Bank. "In the age of the pioneer, the wagon master was a crucial element to the wagon train. Wagon masters served as the captains and looked after the supplies and families as they headed West to pursue the American dream."

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful image, I'd never heard of wagon masters before reading this post.

Linda Jacobs said...

Love all the designs the clouds make!

lightcreative said...

Great photo! I love the contrast.

EG Wow said...

This is absolutely wonderful as a silhouette, Raf!