Tuesday, April 5, 2011

L for Lepidoptera

Lotsa lovely sorts in the order of butterflies and moths. This is a photo of a blue morpho butterfly taken on a recent visit to the butterfly and insect exhibit in the Omaha Zoo. It was my hope to get a shot of its wings' topside which are a brilliant iridescent blue, but when it lands its wings normally fold to display the underside camouflage design and coloration seen here. It is one of the largest of butterflies with a wing span of four or five inches.
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Paula Scott said...

Beautiful!! I love your choice and thanks so much for the information. How exciting to get a shot like this even if it wasn't the one you wanted.

Rosy said...

Up close and Beautiful! Great post for the letter L today.

Roger Owen Green said...

lovely pic AND choice of words.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Lisa said...

I used to live in Omaha and remember the zoo being great! I'm sure it's only gotten better over the last 20 years. This is an exquisite capture of a little winged wonder.