Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Shadows

"Gentlemen, start your engines..."
During the Omaha Farmers Market season, toy maker John Armstrong always attracts a crowd to his vending stall Aero-1 Toys with traditional wooden toys. Whether it's racing cars, planes, battleships, trains or simply spinnig tops and whistles they still fascinate kids, young and old.


Larry Ray . . . said...


This blog from the heartland should provide fertile ground for your wonderful photographic harvest.

Tried to send you a very beautiful recent Omaha snow shot I found but alas, once again your fromthefocsle address bounces back.

Hope you are doing great, best to Nancy too and a happy holiday to all!


Julie said...

Raffie ... ooo ... me likes that!

I also like things made from wood and peope who make things for wood fascinate me. I like the symetricality (??) of them there shadows.