Tuesday, December 15, 2009

V is for Vorpal

With the bitter cold, snow and ice that has come to many areas of the country over the past several weeks, including the heartland, it's not surprising that small critters find a way into homes and stores for survival. So.....as our breakfast cereals began to mysteriously disappear from the pantry, my lovely bride, Nancy took up arms with determined resolve to confront the invasion of mice. She did not rest until the deed was done! It seemed only appropriate then to have some fun taking liberties with Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky in order to tell a tale of woe and triumph on the battlefield here in our Dundee abode.

...the nance and the jabbamaus

twas brillig in the dundee toves
did maus and gimbel in the wabe
all munched were the cheerios
and the mome nance outraged

beware the jabbamaus my lass
the jaws that nibble the ears that twitch
beware the wheaties gnash
and shun the fruminous fruitloopsnitch

she took her vorpal trap with glee
long time the maussome foe she sought
so rested she by the yumyum tree
and stood awhile in thought

and as in uffish thought she stood
the jabbamaus with eyes serene
came sniffling through the tulgey wood
and squeakled as it was seen

one two one two and through and through
her vorpal trap went click and clack
she left it dead and with its head
she went gasobbing back

and hast thou slain the jabbamaus
come to my arms my squeamish lass
oh frabjous day callooh callay
he chortled as she gasped

twas brilling in the dundee toves
no maus and gimbel in the wabe
unmunched were the cheerios
and the mome nance assuaged

It remains bitterly cold here in the heartland, but now we have not - the mouse!

There are many interpretations of the letter V to be found today at Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday.


photowannabe said...

Delightful. I love your interpetation of the letter V.
Glad you got rid of the mice.

Tumblewords: said...

A perfect V post. Vermin, verse and victory. I loved every word of it. Are those your own icicles? I don't have mine yet. :)

Roger Owen Green said...

well, I had a mouse invasion in a house 25 years ago; need to write about that sometime. congrats on victory.

Julie said...

Jolly good fun, Raf. Well altered. Glad Nancy had her handsome knight to come in at the last moment.

Those icicles look astoundingly cold. In parts of Sydney today it hit 40C.

Lake Lady said...

Your talents are limitless, Raf!

Dragonstar said...

What a fun post! I love the photo, too.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Excellant adaptation of Jabberwocky. Lewis would approve I think.

Kim said...

O, bravo! Well done. I enjoyed that, and I'm wishing you a continued maus-free pantry.

jay said...

Haahahahaha!! I love your Jabbermaus poem! Beautifully done!

I used humane traps when we had a 'maus' invasion, but it was concreting the kitchen floor that did the trick in the end. Heaven knows where they got in, but get in they did ... until we did that.

Larry Ray . . . said...

Louis would certainly snicker-snack, and probably chortle as well at your fine rework of his fabled tale. A bit of sweet fun to counter the bitter cold!

Lawrence of Aransas